Paid Media Manager

 This role is all about our expertise in developing winning Inbound Marketing campaigns for lead generation, customer retention, and cross-sell/upsell. 

As our Paid Media Manager you’ll be a key member of our campaign and content team within our marketing department to research and develop paid media strategies, load, test and launch campaigns, and monitor and optimise once in marketing to ensure clients achieve their campaign goals.

You’ll know everything there is to know about ad targeting, remarketing, reporting and optimising across paid search, display, and social media ads.

But the greater opportunity, working for a leading CRM agency, is to help us carve out a niche for ‘CRM-Powered paid media’, where we are looking beyond impressions, clicks, and even conversions … to optimise what happens when your leads from paid media go into the sales cycle and turn into revenue for our clients.

You will be responsible for:

  • Making media and budget recommendations for digital campaigns
  • Researching target organic and paid keywords and topics, as well as audience and competitor research
  • Setting up, writing and optimising SEM campaigns
  • Setting up and optimising social media campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and other social channels
  • Setting up and optimising campaigns for other digital channels such as YouTube, Reddit, or whatever the campaign strategy calls for
  • Providing reporting, insights, and recommendations to optimise campaigns
  • Briefing and directing freelance/outsourced resource to support campaign strategy, loading, optimisation, and reporting

Your Skills and Experience:

  • At least 2 years of experience on the tools for managing paid media for digital campaigns, with a proven track record of managing campaigns for national or international businesses, and optimising to increase conversion and ROI
  • Hands on knowledge of Google Ads, Meta advertising, digital display and programmatic, and other leading digital advertising channels
  • Experience managing Google Performance Max campaigns
  • Hands on knowledge of creating reports and generating insights and recommendations
  • Experience with CRM or Marketing Automation software (particularly HubSpot would be beneficial)
  • Interest in Digital Marketing trends, keeping up to date with the big shifts in cookie tracking, ad targeting, new media, etc.
  • Great time management skills and working to deadlines
  • Top notch oral and written communication skills
  • Collaborate & work well in team environments
  • A strong desire to learn, problem solve and continuously improve
  • Good verbal, written and presentation skills

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